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Luke Vodell


To me video is the most creative and emotive form of media and for that reason it's the medium I enjoy the most.
I've been producing videos since the early 2000's and professionally for the last 18 years.

Below is a very small collection of some of my professional video work, I hope you enjoy it.

Video Showreel
Filmed and Edited by Luke Vodell
This video is an example of the many different types of videos I have  filmed and edited. Every shot in this video was filmed by me and it is intended to showcase the variety of work I have produced.
Who is ADRA
Filmed by Luke Vodell and many others.
Edited and VoiceOver by Luke Vodell

This video provides and brief insight into what ADRA Australia does both in Australia and around the world. Most of the footage in this video was shot by myself, however there are a number of clips, particularly clips from disaster locations that I was unable to film myself.
Converge Intro
Filmed by Charmaine Patel and Stock Footage.
Edited and VoiceOver by Luke Vodell

Converge is an annual long weekend camp for young adults at Stuarts Point NSW. This video was shown during the first evening as part of a welcome to Converge. I did produce a number of videos during the weekend and those can be found on Facebook if you were wanting to see them. 
30sec ADRA TV Commercial
Produced, Filmed and Edited by Luke Vodell
Was blessed to travel to Myanmar for the filming of this TV Commercial. Myanmar was a very interesting and beautiful country. Also filmed and documented the stories of two ADRA beneficiaries whilst in Myanmar. Both those inspiring videos are below.
Note to anyone owning a drone and travelling to Myanmar; ask yourself if you really need the drone shot and if so, get governmental permission to bring it into the country. I was fortunate enough to talk my way out of it being confiscated and sadly didn't even end up using it for this shoot
Shred It
Filmed by Luke Vodell and many others.
Edited by Luke Vodell
Shred It is a long weekend at the Adventist Alpine Village in Jindabyne where youth from all over Australia come to spend time together at the snow.
This video is a quick summary of the fun weekend that Shred It is. Already looking forward to next years Shred It.
Bhagwati's Story ADRA Video
Produced, Filmed and Edited by Luke Vodell
This video was filmed in Nepal and it shares the beautiful story of Bhagwati. It was amazing to meet her and her family; they were so friendly and made the often difficult process of interviewing through translators quite easy.
Her daughter, Rebina, was friendly knew very basic english but was nervous to use it around us. This was new to me as it often feels like people see me as an opportunity to practice their english.
This video was filmed over two mornings
The Wedding of
Chris & Natalie
Produced, Filmed and Edited by Luke Vodell
Chris and Natalie got married in 2018 and this short video shares the story of their incredible day. The weather couldn't have been better and the location is just beautiful.
This version of their video was edited for online sharing and for that reason is quite short.
Regen Youth Church Intro
Produced, Filmed and Edited by Luke Vodell
Regen was a youth program run at Fox Valley Adventist Church and this video was the program intro. It was filmed at an abandoned quarry and then edited in Premiere Pro with a number of shots put together in After Effects.
Live Recording Kartik & Jana
Filmed by Luke and Joel Vodell Edited by Luke Vodell
Was fortunate to be asked to film Kartik and Jana as they recorded their own cover of the song 'Like I'm going to lose you'. Their talents were so obvious during the recording and I believe this video displays the same talent I saw that evening.
Gilson College Promo
Filmed by and Edited by Luke Vodell
This promo video for Gilson College shares some key values and strengths of the school.

The video was produced in 2010 and is the oldest of all the videos displayed here. I've included it because it shows another video format and purpose. Being more than ten years old, this video also illustrates how well my videos last over a long period of time.
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